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Welcome to the AAII Philadelphia Chapter

The American Association of Individual Investors is an independent nonprofit corporation formed in 1978 for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research

Our Approach

Our proven approach

The Philadelphia Chapter of AAII is affiliated with AAII, the American Association of Individual Investors. The mission of AAII, a nationwide organization, is to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research.

Investing Classes

We conduct regular classes on the basics of value investing which include deep analysis of stock and indexes with future potential.

Interest Groups

Two groups of interest are available, Value Investing and Mutual Funds Investing. A forum is available for self-help too.


Our Chapter partners with the Los Angelos AAII Chapter to provide high quality webinars for individual investors. 

The Mutual Fund SIG is looking for a new leader

John Kiernan has led this SIG for approximately 30 years and is looking to groom his successor. If you would like to talk about the group and/or what the position entails, please reach out to John or Bob Bolder on or
The next meeting is scheduled (on zoom) for Tuesday January 10th at 7 pm. Let us know if you want to attend.

Or call Bob Bolder
(267) 467-4178

Value Investing Group

The purpose of this group is twofold: To learn how to evaluate stocks and then to apply this in looking at a few individual stocks per meeting.

Call John Kiernan
(215) 348-8310

Mutual Funds Investing Group

The purpose of this group is to study the use of Mutual Funds in investing and stay abreast of their performance.


Call Bob Bolder
(267) 467-4178
I joined the AAII Value Investing Club roughly 18 years ago, just before retiring. Disappointed with the results the advisors I was using were providing, but recognizing that even though I now had some time available, I was completely unqualified to try investing even a small part of my available funds myself. The club was welcoming, and many of the members willing to patiently teach me the basics of fundamental analysis. I look forward to each meeting where a member or two will present to the other members VIA ZOOM the details on an interesting company, that the others might consider investing in.

Owen Simmons

Chapter Officers

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Bob Bolder

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Gerald Levin


Bob Porambo


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