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Dr. Gerald Levin
President, GBL Asset Management, Inc.
Secretary and Past-President, AAII Philadelphia Chapter

Interest Rates Will Trend Up For The Next 20 to 30 Years: Deal With It

Do you worry about when the Federal Reserve will next increase short term interest rates by 1/4 of 1%? Dr. Gerald B. Levin dismisses such increases as penny-ante, compared to what he expects to come our way. Using historical data and U.S. government forecasts, he will explain how a lack of savers to finance an explosion of federal debt could push interest rates ever higher, over the next 20 to 30 years. Do you own, or are you thinking of buying, bond, balanced, and/or one of those popular target date mutual funds? Dr. Levin will explain why, if his forecast is correct, individual bonds held to maturity will perform better than bond mutual funds. Do you want to know what types of fixed income investments to buy and to avoid if interest rates trend upward for the next 20 to 30 years? Dr. Levin will make some suggestions for you to consider. To prepare for up to 1/3 of a century of increasing interest rates, you must attend this presentation!

Why ever-increasing mandatory federal government spending and the aging of the US population might cause interest rates and inflation to trend upwards for the next 20 to 30 years.
What is the best way to invest in bonds and why: bond mutual funds or individual bonds, held to maturity?
Ways to invest in fixed income securities, when interest rates are in a long-term upward trend.

Gerald B. Levin is the president of GBL Asset Management Inc. (a fiduciary registered investment adviser licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey), and has been since 1985. He is also the secretary and past president of the Philadelphia Chapter of AAII. Dr. Levin has lectured at the South-Central New England and Boston AAII Chapters, as well as at two investments conferences produced by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Dr. Levin earned his Ph.D. in economics and corporate finance, with a specialty in investments, at New York University’s Stern School of Business.