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Eric Balchunas
Senior ETF Analyst/Bloomberg Intelligence

Title of his talk:
Welcome to the ETF Jungle

Description of his talk:
The exchange-traded fund (ETF) market is far more robust today than it was ¼ century ago — all to the benefit of individual investors. Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas will take you on a fascinating and actionable tour of the modern ETF industry, exploring such critical themes as: how much the Internet is responsible for ETF growth, whether ETFs are Godsends or WMDs, why cheap beta is an unstoppable smash hit, the emergence of actively managed ETFs, how to avoid nasty surprises in ETF investing, and more. If you invest or might invest in ETFs, you must attend this meeting.

1. Hear from and ask questions to an ETF analyst, who billion-dollar professional investors rely upon for information.
2. Understand ETFs the way the professional investors do.
3. Learn whether ETFs or mutual funds are for you.

Speaker Bio:
Eric Balchunas the Senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, writes research for the Bloomberg Terminal. (The Bloomberg Terminal is the principal source of investment information used by institutional investors and professional traders.) He also helped create and appears on the first-ever ETF TV show called “Bloomberg ETF IQ” as well as a podcast called “Trillions.” He is also a Bloomberg Opinion contributor and author of “The Institutional ETF Toolbox,” which was published by Wiley in March 2016