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SPEAKER: Joseph F. Burgoyne III

Joseph F. Burgoyne III is Director, Institutional and Retail Marketing, for The Options Industry Council. He is responsible for supporting the institutional, retail and university outreach educational programs. Additionally, Mr. Burgoyne serves as a staff instructor for The Options Industry Council.

Prior to assuming his present position, Mr. Burgoyne spent 30 years in the financial industry. He most recently served as Director of Business Development for derivative and data software company IVolatility where he successfully led sales, marketing and advertising campaigns. Previously, he was Managing Partner of Burgoyne Capital Management, LLC where he was responsible for all trading & risk management decisions. Also, Mr. Burgoyne managed the floor operations at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange for Van der Moolen Options USA and Tague Securities. His responsibilities included risk management, market making as both specialist and market maker and the development of proprietary databases.

    The title & description for the presentation will be;

Managing Market Risk With Options

The markets have had substantial gains over the past few years. Many investors are interested in locking in gains and protecting against a market correction. Join Joe Burgoyne, of the Options Industry Council, as he discusses five different option strategies that will offer protection for your portfolio.

    3 reasons to attend:

1)Gain knowledge on how to insure your portfolio holdings

2)Opportunity to analyze what strategies “fit” you best

3)Review benefits & risks of the listed options product.